What Does A Medical Assistant Do?

Being a medical assistant is not easy but it’s a rewarding job. The demand for capable and responsible people in the healthcare and medical industry is huge. With that, there is a great need for medical assistants that know how to handle patients with ease and at the same time lend a hand to doctors.

There are many duties that you can do on a daily basis, thus everyday is not the same. For those who do not like routine jobs, then perhaps being a medical assistant is for you.

Front desk duties

As a medical assistant, one of the traits sought after by doctors is being organized. Before patients arrive in the clinic, you have to make sure that the place is straightened out. You have to put in order the patient files and records so that when the doctor looks for it, you can easily give it to him in an instant.

medical assistantIt is also your responsibility to order supplies and medicines that are needed in the clinic. You must also keep in touch with insurance companies, hospitals, and patients of the doctor.

Medical assistants are also the receptionists. If the doctor is not yet in the clinic, it is your duty to entertain the patients and do the basic check-up such as taking their temperatures, measuring their height and weight, getting their blood pressures if needed, and the like. You need to input the information in the medical chart of the patients so that when the doctor arrives, he/she can do the check-up easily.

These administrative tasks are very vital because it lessens the workload of the doctor. It also ensures that the doctor will make correct and informed medical diagnosis.

It is also your job to answer phone calls and take down messages for the doctor, if he/she is away. Patients will also call you to have their check-ups and surgeries scheduled, and you have to keep track of this using a calendar or organizer.

Medical assistants do lots of secretarial work because it keeps the offices of hospitals and clinics working effectively and efficiently.

Back office duties

Back office duties refer to the tasks and clinical duties of the medical assistants that are not part of the front desk. It is your job to escort patients to the treatment or surgery room. You are expected to have medical understanding and background because there are certain instances wherein you have to take the patient’s blood sample and sometimes give vaccines or injections to him/her.

Medical assistants also need to be understanding in all the questions that the patients may have. If the doctors are not there, you should at least know how to handle the patients well.

Record keeping duties

medical assistantsAnother trait that is vital in being a good medical assistant is the ability to keep things in the clinic in order.

You need to constantly update the patients’ files and medical records. You have to keep them orderly and complete so that if ever the doctor will ask something from you, you can easily present it to him. This will help you from wasting a lot of time looking for the files of the patients.

Make use of the cabinets in the clinic and divide it into corners so that you will have an allotted space for particular files. Arrange the patients’ files alphabetically so that you will not spend a lot of time looking for them.

Financial duties

Medical assistants must also have basic knowledge when it comes to accounting since they will be handling inventories from their suppliers. You will also deal with insurance companies from time-to-time, so it is very vital that you have accounting skills. As a medical assistant, you are also responsible when it comes to purchasing items that are needed in the clinic.

The healthcare industry is a very challenging field to get into. Most people think that the doctors are the only ones who do the job on their own. But try to think of this, if the office or clinic is not working smoothly and there is no organization inside, can the doctor still perform at his best?

It would be impossible for any doctor to run their clinic and perform their duties without support from an assistant. They cannot handle the office and clinic work at the same time. Medical assistants with proper training are needed in delivering better treatment outcomes for the patients. Being a medical assistant, you are expected to fulfill responsibilities that are vital in the success of the whole team.